What can Tarot do for you?

Primarily, tarot gives answers to questions. It is human nature to become stuck in a certain way of looking at things, to take mental short cuts, eliminating possibilities and options we would not ordinarily consider. That is what makes humans efficient problem-solvers, which is fine for puzzles of logic or problems with no emotional component, but many things in life that trouble us do have an emotional basis. Our feelings can be unpredictable, sometimes surprising, making the obvious solution seem strangely unsatisfying at times.

By determinedly ignoring certain aspects of a situation, or flatly refusing to look at all available options (whether through fear of confrontation, emotional pain or stirring up the unknown) we effectively cut down the number of possible solutions. When we eliminate these factors before we begin we are not operating with a “full deck”. We have limited ourselves through custom and habit and will constantly arrive at the same answer – no wonder we cannot see the wood for the trees!

A pack of Tarot cards is a world in miniature; 22 powerful archetypes that represent the grand themes of life, and 52 pip cards that depict the ways in which these themes manifest and are experienced by us. When using an entire deck of cards, every possibility in those cards is allowed to breathe and nothing is stifled or shut away.

There is something compelling about ideas suggested in an illustration, particularly if those ideas would not normally be appealing. Tarot breaks down the walls and boundaries we so carefully build in our lives and encourages us to loosen up and really see instead of blindly treading the same tired path. The cards make us sit up and take notice of possibilities and messages we might normally dismiss. They ask us to imagine what might happen if we give a particular path a chance instead of refusing to consider it. Tarot allows that potential scenario to unfold, in art rather than in life, and gives us the opportunity to watch how things might play out if experienced for real.

Tarot is a mirror that reflects back to us what we may already know on a subconscious level but are disinclined to look. This may be because we are hoping for a different answer, or praying the situation we are in will change. Tarot is also a tool for manifesting change in our lives. In taking the time to consult the cards we are inviting comment and asking their message to reach us. All our avoidance techniques crumble in the face of Tarot. If we sit down and ask the question, we are receptive to the answer and that answer will be heard. Tarot can offer practical advice, relationship advice, and the courage to face adversity and the things we hide from ourselves.

But life is not just a series of problems… There is joy, love and laughter for everyone, so the honesty of Tarot works well in a lighter atmosphere too. If in a carefree mood we may receive a light-hearted and optimistic message. If something is troubling us, the cards may hint at deeper reasons that can be explored in detail in a longer reading.

Whatever you bring to Tarot it will give back in kind. If you have never had a reading but are open to what Tarot can do for you, give it a try – you are unlikely to regret it.