Numerology Readings

Numerology readings are based upon your full name (the one that appears on your birth certificate) and your date of birth. The letters in your name are translated into numbers, and we all have many different numbers that vibrate together to form the whole. Numerology is the science and art of translating those numbers into guidance that will help us align with our place in the universe.

Please note: None of my numerology readings are computer generated. They are created from scratch and tailored to each individual.

Short Report and Annual Forecast

Learn your core numbers (soul urge, personality, overall self-expression) and how they relate to your life path, your mantra  for that journey and your own personal "driving style".  See how these vibrations play out when faced with the trends and influences of the year ahead. Annual forecast runs from your last birthday to the next.


Full Numerology Chart and Annual Forecast

A full exploration of your core numbers, plus heart's desire, maturity number, karmic numbers, karmic lessons, pinnacles, cycles, challenges and more, including Annual Forecast as above. Learn about yourself and understand your destiny. Watch everything finally fall into place - you will be surprised at how much you already know.


Change of Name Consultation

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our names just hold us back. Perhaps the vibrations of the name we were born with are not in harmony with the life or career we are trying to make, and we encounter blocks and interference along the way. If you are considering a name change, please read my page "Changing Your Name" first.

A Change of Name Consultation is based on your current name (as it appears on your birth certificate) and your date of birth, taking into account the vibrations attached to your name and where these might be incompatible with those connected to your birth date. Explore the possibilities in a new, more harmonious name that will attract what you need and help you achieve your goals, whether personally or professionally.