What’s in a Name?

Would you have picked the name your parents gave you? Babies are sometimes named according to family tradition, historical reference or popular culture, but few of us actually love the names we were given. That is sometimes due to changing fashions or an embarrassing celebrity namesake who cannot keep out of the news, but many people dislike their name so much they take steps to change it.

I knew someone years ago who only promised to marry her future husband if he changed his surname first. He obliged her, stuck a pin in a telephone directory and became a Phillips before their wedding day (I won’t say what his name was before that point!). While we can all sympathise with the urge to change an odd name, there are other reasons to consider a name change, particularly if it is linked to a business or career path you would like to follow. American movie star Joan Crawford was taken in the opposite direction when her real name, Lucille Fay LaSueur, sounded so unlikely she was rechristened by the studio with a more believable one.

What if we are quite happy with our name but it is not actually working for us? If we suffer continual setbacks, difficulties, irritations and interference when we push forward on our chosen path, one step forward and two back, while our colleagues seem to sail along without effort and come up smelling of roses? What could be the reason for continually falling short of our own expectations?

On the other hand, we may find we are living a very different life from the one we imagined for ourselves, working in a job we have no interest in and perhaps actively dislike. If this sounds like you, and there is a different path you have hankered after in the past that it was not possible to take at the time, should you make a change in your life now and go for it, or should you stick with what you already have?

Numerology can help answer this question, although be aware a new name will not do all the work for you. Nor will it magically bestow upon you attributes you do not already have in order to pursue a path you are not suited to take. If, having honestly assessed your abilities and experience in your chosen area, your best efforts are still met with obstacles and indifference, it may be time to consider a new name. While this will not change you, it will draw towards you the influence and help you need instead of deflecting it away into the open arms of someone else. Your competitors may have names that operate in harmony with their birth dates and which naturally attract beneficial vibrations. Why not level the playing field?

Care should be taken to align the vibrations in any new name with your birth date and life path number, or they may not be allowed free expression and the blocks and interference will continue. Here the old saying comes to mind .. be careful what you wish for! Making the right adjustments is a completely different story. In order to successfully align with and express our true potential – in effect, to become the person we are destined to be - we should be guided by our life path first and foremost. Within that number there is scope to diversify, just as the stages of life quoted by Pythagoras are “at different degrees of goodness and harmony”, but all are valid states of existence.

Our life path may suggest great opportunity that our original name vibration finds hard to live up to. A little tweaking may be all that is necessary, maybe adding a middle name or initial would do the trick. Missing numbers also play a part. Creating a name that includes the numbers your original name is missing might help, especially if they complement and encourage your desire to follow your life path – the path you are here to tread. Will Destiny smile more favourably on a new name? If you think it might, then how do you choose one?

Maybe you have been harbouring a secret name for a long time. Maybe you can see very clearly what type of name would be best suited for a planned or stalling career. Maybe a name just pops into your head out of nowhere one day and stays put. If you have a name in mind, carry it around with you and ponder on it. And just to give Tarot a presence here, you would be well advised to run this potential name past the High Priestess (Major Arcana II) to see how she feels about it. The best way is to quietly meditate on the name, or even to go to sleep at night with the name the last thing in your mind. Your own inner knowing will tell you if you are on the right track. If after trying this you find yourself becoming quite stimulated and upbeat about the new name it is time to take it seriously.

We vibrate to the names we bear, and if a name makes us feel good, or confident, or capable, or just plain lucky and in the right place at the right time, it is a good energy to carry around with us. As another old saying goes – If you feel good, you look good! Optimistic people attract many things, one of them being opportunity, and opportunity (or the lack of it) is where we came in at the top of this page. If your life is lacking in opportunity and you wish to reveal the hidden, dynamic self that will attract the success that has been eluding you, then create that opportunity and vibrate to a new name.

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