What can Numerology do for you?

Numerology is the study of vibration and its role in the universe. Physicists describe the universe using mathematics - numerologists translate the equations.

There are two main systems of numerology: Chaldean, which uses the number method 1-8, and Pythagorean, which uses the number method 1-9, with 10 rolling over into a new beginning and becoming 1 again.

The Connaissance School of Numerology quotes a Pythagorean saying:

“There are many successive grades of good ascending from matter to spirit. Life, consciousness and all things are at different degrees of goodness and harmony."

In other words, there are no bad numbers, just as there are no bad cards. We live with the illusion that we are individuals instead of part of the harmonious whole, but while we lead our “individual” lives we are all at one degree of “goodness and harmony” or another, and we are all ascending.

Numerology works on the principle that our names are not an accident. We are destined to vibrate to those particular numbers, and though we may change our names during a lifetime, the name on our birth certificate is a constant and attached to us for life.

In numerology, letters are assigned numbers according to their position in the alphabet. Double digits are added together and reduced to one number unless they are 11, 22 or 33, the traditional Master Numbers that stand alone. Master Numbers have an intense vibration that is not easily handled and so may be reduced to a single number if desired. No-one needs a spotlight all of the time!

Numerology is all about the journey of the number 1, from its beginnings to the furthest point of its potential, the 9. On a sliding scale, number 1 may think it knows it all, but number 9 actually does. Consider the shape of the number 9 - it is top-heavy and full of experience. It is even looking back and reviewing all the number stages it has been through before arriving at the end of its journey.

We have many numbers in our names and more numbers in our birth dates. There may even be numbers that do not appear - and they are significant too. Each person is made up of multiple numbers that influence and modify each other, depending on which area of a chart we are looking at. No number sits in isolation and every number is on the move, traveling from 1 to 9 and then rolling back into 1, with new knowledge to accompany it on the next journey as it gradually ascends “from matter to spirit”.

There are many things we wonder about ourselves, perhaps even suspect about ourselves, that are buried deep and are hard to get at. Numerology releases this information and helps us to make sense of it all. There is a feeling of everything finally dropping into place, a hint of our secret selves. On a practical note, these insights help to pinpoint where change will benefit us, and also where and why we refuse to change.

Whatever you bring to Numerology it will give back in kind. If you have never had a reading but are open to what Numerology can do for you, give it a try – you are unlikely to regret it.